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More Socks!

  Time to share an update regarding the next series of socks to be knitted. Having such an amazing response to the Yank Performance Ankle Socks... there was very little...

🍂🍁Autumn Giveaway 🍁🍂

🍂🍁Autumn Giveaway 🍁🍂 Autumn has officially arrived in New Zealand. Time to watch the leaves change, and temperatures cool. Seems like a good time to do a Giveaway. 🙂

The Long Sleeve Spots are here!

 These beauties had a brief introduction in the last 'news' update. Just as I was hoping, they are now ready to go! [insert happy dance here] 🎉  Just as the...

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

Time to send out a few updates with what is happening behind the scenes here at Yank. There have been a number of you who have contacted me to ask...

Free Socks and STUFF

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a nice time making a few memories through the holidays wherever you may be. Here in Nelson we

Summer Singlets!

 This will be the last blog for the year I promise!! It was not my intention to pester everyone with an email every second day... but in the end I...

Sugar Skull Singlet Collection

When I initially set out to make a singlet, I was not sure which would be the better option between the racer back or straight strap. After making..

Yank Performance Ankle Socks

  Finally!!  After many months of unexpected delays the Yank Performance Merino Ankle Socks are ready to ✨launch✨.    This was the last set of socks to be made, and...

Lockdown 2021 Colouring Sheets

So it looks like we get to spend a few more days entertaining ourselves at home. Sometimes doing a little bit of colouring can ease stresses and help to pass...

Crew Sock 3Pack Now Available

Yank Crew Socks can now be purchased in 3Pack sets, with the freedom to choose all matching or a mixed colour set. For those of you who have not read...


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