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When the Mountains Call | PART II

When the Mountains Call | PART II

After having such a glorious start to day 2 of our walk, it was almost sad to be moving on from our deliciously sunny camp site. We had a very comfortable slow start to the day leaving camp a little bit before 11am with the kids giggling and running ahead. We walked almost 2 kilometers up to a tarn filled rise just before the ridge. As we looked up to the ridge where we were headed we could see the first fine tips of cloud making their way over the range being led in with a cold cloud-misty breeze. Figuring it would be best to traverse the ridge without needing 'maintenance stops' we decided to have a quick picnic lunch before climbing the last few metres. 
We made it to the rubbly top just in time to see tiny glimpses of the spectacular views which we enjoyed the day before, only today viewed through the thin patches of cloud. Fortunately the cloud was thin and moving quickly enough we could easily navigate our way along the rocky ridge and could see the silhouettes of  shimmering lakes and tarns below. As we approached Powder Valley the cloud was beginning to lift and were once again enjoying the spectacular huge landscapes.
It was a comfortable decent down into the valley where we found another nice soft flat place to set up camp. We enjoyed our campstove dinners followed by watching the kids play a brisk giggling game of hide and seek tag as the daylight dimmed into the blue shades of night.
By morning the water in our billy had frozen into a solid lump. It was a very cold start to the day, with our camp being so close beneath the mountains. Our tent site was not due to feel the sun until nearly mid day.
After breakfast it was time to take the cameras for a walk while the kids enjoyed throwing lumps of ice and rocks into a frozen tarn below. We walked up to the point where the sunshine cleared a crisp line in the shadows on the snow grass covered ground. It was really nice to feel the warmth as soon as we stepped out of the shade.
Having such nice mountain views and warm sunshine, my friend thought it would be an ideal time to get a few photos that I can use for my website. I was not sure if I was going to share this added bit... but it was way to funny to leave out.
Noting that it was warm enough to strip down to a singlet, I had to laugh as she handed me her mittens to stuff my shirt filling the flat void having had a breast removed a few years ago. Oh how I love having such an awesome friendship .. as she kept barking at me to stick my chest out and look confident. (I seriously was not coping 😂).
We finally accepted that this was not going to work.. I gave the mittens back and was able to relax a bit as I turned around to admire the view.
Many laughs later the sun had finally reached camp, and it was time to pack up to start our journey down off the mountain.
We could not have asked for better conditions as we walked along a meandering trail of tarns and waterfalls before a small scree decent into beautiful beech forest leading down to the access road below.
All in all it was a fabulous couple of nights in the mountains. The final stop of our adventure was a salubrious visit to the Alpine Lodge to share a few large bowls of piping hot chips and aoli. Yum!

*If you have been on a recent adventure and would like to share your story and photos be sure visit our Vivid Journals page for information on how to get in touch. 😉


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