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The ✨Magic✨ is in the Yarn

The ✨Magic✨ is in the Yarn

Made with the world’s first performance merino Yank merino garments are super light, breathable, temperature regulating and ultra-comfortable.

The secret ingredient to such amazing climate control magic is in the yarn which the fabrics are knitted from.

NuYarn© Technology is ‘twist free yarn’ technology that originated right here in New Zealand. This yarn making method weaves merino fibres around a fine nylon core then spins them together to make a super lofty 2 ply yarn.


visual diagram explaining the different types of merino yarn


Traditional methods of yarn making twist and compress a large portion of the natural goodness that merino fibres are capable of providing. This compressed twisting can also expose the fine fibre ends which are what cause traditional woollen garments to itch and irritate the skin.

The science woven into NuYarn© makes for incredible wearing experience. So breathable when worn on it own, and so warm when worn under a wind proof layer.

The added loft also provides incredible drying speed allowing you to shake off the sweaty aftermath of any adventure greatly reducing the cold clinging post exertion odour experience. You can imagine how this magic lightens any pack when preparing for a multi day adventure.

If you love wearing merino, there is no mistaking that NuYarn© takes that delicious natural wearing experience to the next level.

Have you experienced the difference?

Photo credit to Nancy Jiang wearing the Sunset Spot Singlet and Seabreeze Performance Quarter Socks while having lunch in Chamonix, France.

Be sure to check out  Why NuYarn©? + Sustainabiliy if you would like to learn more.


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