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Recent Getaway

Recent Getaway

This morning I am sitting at my kitchen table completely surrounded by bags that need to be unpacked. Just around the corner is a mountain of washing that I have to climb just so I can see the washing machine.

For the past couple of months I have been working remote from the Southern Lakes District. So nice to spend some time away with my family surrounded by such big beautiful snowy mountains. Last week it was time for us to start our journey home. We camped our way back up the South Island watching the mountain views grow smaller and then further away as we crossed the plains approaching the coast. 

I cannot say that I am glad to be home just yet. 😬  Give me a few weeks to put all of the ‘things’ back in the ‘places’.  More than anything I am super grateful that it is such a clear sunny day to start the settling process.

Not overly excited about doing jobs.. my mind would much rather be outside climbing a hill somewhere.  I thought it might be nice to share some images from one of the brief stops we made on our journey home before I ascend ‘mount washing’ to start the next load.


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