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A Little Bit About Colour

A Little Bit About Colour

Autumn coloured polka dot long sleeve shirt, with a marigold trimmed singlet under layer

In the modern world of street wear there are endless options providing the freedom to put together outfits for every imaginable colour variation.. be it a cool colour palette, a warm colour palette, palettes for the monochrome enthusiast..  or the techno colour ‘anything goes’ expressionist.

Bearing in mind the majority of the population, we can each relate to at least one of the above. When it comes to colour I would consider myself a skilled expressionist, with a fond love for texture layered monochrome-ism. 

For many years I have pushed the boundaries of what colours work together to make an outfit. Not always a possibility when purchasing active wear ‘back in the day’, due to majority of the garments being made with solid colours and very little pattern.

This lack of freedom was a central key that inspired the foundation of Yank. Simply wanting to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted natural, technical and versatile fabrics, with playful options of colour… all tied into a garment that worked well on the trails, as well as the streets.

Why not find the world’s first performance merino and add a bit of pizzaz.

A lot of thought goes into each print and colour option when planning collections. Aware that some colours make people ‘glow’ while the same colours will make another person look ‘washed out’. Majority of collections are available in both a cool and warm colour palette. Each colour way of print has its’ own family of hues, and each family of hues has been planned to have some degree of correlation with the next collection.

Translating all of the above.. Every collection is planned to have a cross over in colours which provide a pick and choose mix and match catalogue of layers.

Last week I put a post on Instagram featuring what has been one of the most popular recent layer combinations on order. I have a couple favourite combinations of my own. 

If you could choose any combination ..which collections would you choose from?



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