Yank Adventures

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time setting up a group page on Facebook as well as starting a second Instagram page which I would like to make all about... you.

You see.. without you there would not be Yank.

It is because of your support over the past 18 months that the I have been able to design and launch 4 collections of printed merino with a 5th collection on its way.


In this time I have watched a community grow through the messages and comments I receive each week. This community is important to me and all the decisions that I make each day as I am constantly working on 'what next'. So my aim in starting these new pages, titled 'Yank Adventures,' is to create a space that you might feel welcome to share your stories and pictures as well. A space where I can put up ideas and listen to your replies. A space to inspire others... and to be inspired.

The Yank Adventures Facebook Page is a private group which you can request to join.

Yank Adventures on Instagram is visible to the public where you are welcome to follow and tag @yankadventures

I have also built a page on my website where you can have a look at the images that have been shared to the new Instagram adventure page. There is also an email link where you can send a photo if you have one you would like to add to the collection.

Your adventures are what tell our story.

I would love if you would consider coming along and checking it out.

Happy Adventures,


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