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Sugar Skull Singlet Collection - Yank NZ

Sugar Skull Singlet Collection

The Sugar Skull Collection is complete!
All 3 colour ways are now available online.
When I initially set out to make a singlet, I was not sure which would be the better option between the racer back or straight strap. After making several straight straps and wearing them constantly.. I am still undecided in the 'ideal length' for the straps.
Putting all of my frustration aside, in February I went back to the drawing board and started working on a racer back singlet to see if I could get a nice curvy shape around the neckline, and a comfortable relaxed fit. With this I set myself the challenge of finally making a decision and moving forward to get singlets into production so they were ready for summer. It took a few attempts to get the shape that I was after.. but the effort was worth it in the end. The final result has come up looking really nice.   
The Sugar Skull collection is a little bit different to the previous ones made. For those who have been following for awhile, you will be aware of my need to have the ideal set of 'layers'.. and my love for dressing like an onion. Having bumped up to using 145gsm NuYarn© fabrics, so far I have found that the singlet and long sleeve combo of this collection works really well.
I look forward to hearing what you think. 🙂


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