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R+D Weekend - Yank NZ

R+D Weekend

This weekend was one spent being a little bit less adventurous.. It seems like an eternity ago I sent out a few feelers asking you about singlet preferences. Then things got busy... and I have not managed to re-visit sample sewing mode since. Originally I made 3 singlets with straight over the shoulder straps which I have worn constantly over the past few months. Each is very nice in its own way... but none of them are managing to tick all of the boxes as my ideal 'go to' as the perfect *first layer top. [*reference to my dressing like an onion goals.]

Time to get back on the tools, back to the drawing board.

There are now two more samples ...which I am very pleased to report are much closer to the fit I am looking for. ..and I must be totally honest, ANY sample that I can finish with orange thread is pretty darn exciting in its own right.

Fabric sneak peak!

I used the colour sample for the next coming collection (Bicycle Print). This print will be hitting the sewing tables sometime in the next week for short and long sleeved shirts. There is not enough of this fabric print to make a full order of singlets at this stage. Once I have finalized the singlet pattern, I can start working out fabric quantities to plan them being made. In the mean time I will be working out if the weight of this fabric is suitable for singlets.

So the singlet is starting to gain a bit of traction regarding the fit and shape. I am aiming to have these closer to available by December (all going well). No doubt I will post an update regarding progress or delays as needed.

I hope everyone manages a good start to the week amongst the change to Alert Levels.

Kia Kaha NZ, and especially to those residing in the Auckland region, thinking of all of you at this time. 🌸

That is all for now.

Happy Monday.




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