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Long time no noise.. - Yank NZ

Long time no noise..

It has been a few months since I last wrote a blog entry.. and what a few months it has been!

For those who have followed posts on social media, you will know that in late September last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As of November I had my last surgery, very happy to celebrate being cancer free... now all that remains to be done is traversing the long slow road of recovery regaining my fitness and strength.

There is very little to do physically while going through the adventures of a 'health battle'. I could not appreciate my project - this project - Yank... more. Rather than swirling away with the built up energy of worries, When I was able to be upright, I quietly sat in my workspace and pushed through planning my next collection, NZ Flora 2020.

It will not take much to understand my inspiration for this collection. If there is anything I missed while practicing the art of being stationary, it was the freedom of getting up into the hills. This print I had actually started drawing in June 2019. When the print I had been planning to launch proved to be technically not possible (yet).... it only seemed fitting to focus my energy in seeing how I could make my fern print come to fruition.

Green is by far my favourite colour! I have really enjoyed matching up fabrics to the print, and how the prints would fit together to make full garments. Not everyone is keen on wearing such bright and contrasting colours.. so I also managed to match to a more neutral tone for those who like the more subtle approach to detail.

To all of the fellas out there who have made contact wanting to know when Yank would cut a few garments to fit men... That time is now. There is very limited stock and sizes available... but we have made a start.

The first set of men's fit garments have landed at my workshop, it will be what time it takes to get the catalogue images edited and organized into my online shop before they are available for purchase.
All going well I will be coordinating the next cut/sew of men's garments some time in the next couple of months. Any feedback from the male members who are following would be greatly appreciated. Having my the first set of men's shirts in hand I am wanting to know where you guys stand when it comes to print!!! To print or not to print?!!? Make some noise fellas. I am interested in hearing your thoughts. If you are living in the Bay of Plenty region.. Bike Culture has a the first publicly hung set of men's shirts on display in the North Island.. and Alton Street Cycles if you happen to be living in the Nelson area.

The women's collection is finishing assembly this week! Very exciting times. This collection will be including the option of long sleeves. [insert happy dance here] I have been SO happy with how the sample long sleeve has come up, I can hardly wait for these babies to hit my online shop. Absolutely delicious (if I don's say to myself). Finally, I have a long sleeve... that is actually long.

That is my update for now!
If you are inspired to drop me a line and share your thoughts please do.. you can contact me directly by sending an email to hello@yank.nz Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook... where you will find more frequent posts to keep you up to speed with how things are progressing.

All the best to you for the remainder of your week!

Happy Adventures x


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