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Catching Up on Latest News

Catching Up on Latest News

 How about this for an exceptional sunset. 🧡 Things have been a bit quiet on the news letter front for the past few weeks. It was much needed time away, going to see my family in the Midwest. Now the ongoing cycle of trying to catch up and find my feet, while also working out where to begin regarding new news to share.
Spring in the Midwest is not typically my preferred season to travel. Having a number of commitments later this year, it was really the only time I was going to be able to get away. Anyone who has been through that part of America will understand when I mention the really big skies, and amazing horizon. Being there this spring was an opportunity to see the landscape while the crops are still down, and the expanse of land goes on for miles. This series of images were taken from one of my cousin's back yard. It was a spectacular weekend catching up with my family.. as well as a delicious colour-feast for they eyes.

Before heading away there were a couple of items I had mentioned and was working on. I had intentions to start colour samples for a couple more additions to the Pink Candy, Intrepid, and Snazzy Rock Star Collections. Unfortunately these two colourways are being put on hold. Partly because I have not been able to achieve the punch in the pinks.. and depth in the teal. Both sets of colour samples have come up 'nice' but not as amazing as I am wanting.  This set of stripes I am really keen to see through, but it is going to have to wait until I have pink fabric in stock for the pink base colour, as well as more time to adjust what is happening in the teal.
Sad news aside, I do have some good news. 🙂 The first test sample for the flower print has come back looking absolutely spectacular!! Each colourway proposed has required review though, due to getting enough depth of colour showing on the base fabrics. The hardest part now is narrowing down how many different colour options will be put through production.

There have been a number of people contacting me regarding this 'Collection in Progress'. The flower print I am intending to see ready by spring.
✨Further house keeping✨: I need to hear from those of you who have explored the Yank App. This was established as a trial extension to my online shop. The time has come to decide if this is something that is worth continuing. If you have the app (and are willing) can you please send me a brief message to share your thoughts about keeping the app live - removing it. Even a thumbs up (to keep) or thumbs down (to cull) would be greatly appreciated. 🙌
That is all I have for this week. I hope you are managing to get out and explore even with the shorter days rolling in! Wishing you happy adventures. 🙂


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