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Something New

Some of you will have already seen a Sneak Peek of the latest print on my drawing board. It is still early days for this collection having many little details to work through.. but I though it might be a good idea to share part of the process with you.
One of my tasks this week is to finalize the details which will go into making a cut/sew pattern for the 'new tee'. This one will have a slight scoop neckline and a set-in sleeves. Something a little bit different, and a little bit fun. This is the first collection which I have taken a screen shot of a model and drawn the garment onto a person. Really just a rough draft to see the print to scale (excluding all the shadows and fabric wrinkles which would make it more realistic), but also to work out the depth of scoop in the neckline.
At this stage my focus is really on just making a short sleeve tee. I will be listening for feedback regarding singlets or long sleeves before I start making decisions about the scale of this collection. Many have expressed interest in a new short sleeve tee shape, as well as revisiting the neckline. So for now I think it is best to keeping my focus on producing a new shape and getting short sleeves restocked.
From the beginning Yank has been about blurring the line between what we consider to be everyday clothing and active wear. Filling the gap between what is super technical, practical, functional... and what is simply nice looking to wear. I have not been in a rush to make a new tee shape with a neckline suited to a casual outfit. My priority in maintaining the 'can be worn for fashion as well as play' has made this a slow process.. but in saying that I am pleased with how this one is looking so far and look forward to seeing it tick all the boxes as I start moving into phase two of planning.

While drawing the new Women's tee pattern, I have also started the process of planning a few more Man shaped tees with a revised shape. If you missed the post shared online you can view it here. Any fellas out there who have been asking for more to choose from.. I want to hear from you. The Sugar Skull fabric has been set aside just for this. I think they are going to look pretty sweet. I have also drafted a few ideas regarding the next collection to come. Have a look through the drawings and let me know what you think.
Over the next week I should be starting the colour sampling process for printing. Watch this space... I will likely share a few images when I have colour samples in hand. Of the many things that I do behind the scenes.. this is one of my favorite, as well as one of the most exciting. 🙂
That is really all I have to share for now. I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Happy Adventures ☀️



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