Why NUYARN®  Merino?



NUYARN® technology has managed to obtain fabric performance properties that no other yarn can deliver.


  • Ultra-light

  • High performance stretch

  • Unparalleled stretch/regain properties per fabric weights

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

  • Using 30% less raw materials



NUYARN® technology drafts fibres to be woven along a high performance core, creating a structure that amplifies the fibre’s natural properties. (Unlike traditional core spun or ring spun methods that eventually compromise the fibres potential by twisting the life out them.)


This incredibly fine, 2 ply twist-free yarn performs better across the board in stretch, loft, strength, comfort, volume, dry time, next to skin feel and mechanical abrasion, spirality, pilling, elasticity, warmth, and ultraviolet protection. All of these features are established through a mechanical process, rather than a chemical treatment, NUYARN® benefits won’t wash out over time.

As a result, your Yank Merino clothing feels silky soft, is machine washable, non-itch, resists odour, dries quickly, is exceptionally breathable, and regulates temperature to keep you at an ideal temperature in all climates, for every possible type of adventure.


Breathable & Heat Regulating

Being naturally breathable the fibre loft traps small air pocketswhich helps to regulate heat and moisture flow to and from your body, protecting your body’s microclimate in changing conditions. Merino can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp to the touch.



Merino is self extinguishing meaning when in close proximity to fire it won’t melt or stick to skin, it puts itself out if exposed to heat or flame.


UV Protection

Merino fibre is a great protector of potentially harmful UV radiation.


Non Irritating

We use super fine NUYARN® merino fabric which is 17.5 - 19 micron – in comparison to a human hair which is 50 microns. Due to the fineness of the wool it has natural elastic properties making it is very stretchy. The reduced twist in fibres means fewer protruding ends to cause irritation to your skin. It is silky soft. It stretches with your evey movement yet always retaining its original shape. This makes it non itchy and so comfortable to wear. Not to mention merino has also been linked with lowering skin allergies.



Due to the fine fibres in the merino wool and the economical use of raw materials– the fabric is lightweight. The lightweight fabric – provides extreme warmth to weight ratio while still managing to breathe. Being lightweight it is super soft and comfortable against sensitive skin.


Odour Control

The fabric is odour resistant, so it doesn’t need to be washed as often as other fabrics. Simply hanging them out to air will suffice.


Easy Care

By using NUYARN® technology the full length of the merino fibre is utilised, enabling a durable fabric structure that is less likely to pill, and has excellent drape and wrinkle recovery and the garments are gentle machine washable. However you must use wool detergent, do not soak or bleach to minimize risk of holes developing in the garments.


Machine Washable

All our products are machine washable on gentle cold cycle. Do not soak or bleach as this may result in holes in the fabric.

• Machine washable
• Do Not Soak or Bleach

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Renewable & Natural

Merino is a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable fibre.