Belinda Stuart

Originally from a small town in Indiana (USA).

Belinda moved to Nelson, New Zealand in 1997 just after completing a BFA in Fine Arts. Racing is not such a priority these days, but time being out in nature is. Daily life is now filled by keeping up with her family's needs on a cargo bike. Her free time is usually spent somewhere up a hill, on foot or on a mountain bike.


Yank merino is a fresh new start-up brand being made right here in New Zealand.

Almost 8 weeks after finishing University, Belinda left her family and home in America to start an adventure which she had no idea would last for so long. 24 years later Belinda is now a former NZ representative for running, a mother of two, and she has set up shop sharing her love of colour with the world. “Yank was literally started from a tiny office under the staircase in my home.” recalls Belinda. "When I retired from racing, I no longer wanted to wear heavily branded sportswear. I saw a need for someone to make a garment designed to go out and play. Sturdy and comfortable, yet suitable for a coffee date."

Yank merino clothing features Belinda’s own original designs which are printed directly onto merino. Garments designed to be comfortable and fun. “It sounds selfish when I admit that my target market has always been me. The first time a returning customer put into words my reasons for starting Yank I was blown away. That was only the beginning. Since then I have received many messages of appreciation. I love hearing stories about friendships that have started because of something as simple as a colourful merino shirt that was made in New Zealand.” Yank is technically a one woman band, contracting certain parts of the making process to other small independent New Zealand businesses.

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