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Yank Performance Quarter Socks are here! - Yank NZ

Yank Performance Quarter Socks are here!

Hands up all of those who voted for socks that pull up over the ankle 👋!!
My personal choice through the years has always leaned towards the good quality fitting ankle sock. It is this perspective which fueled every element of design that went into the Yank Performance Ankle Socks. Now having had several months enjoying the luxurious feel of the Yank Ankle Socks, I have  replaced every pair of ankle socks which used to live in my sock drawer. I love them! Through the online shop the Performance Ankle Socks have been very popular noting that I have completely sold out of size Small, and am starting to run low in size Large.
In the end of January I set out to replenish these mismatched beauties. Looking at how manufacturing delays were pushing out wait times for completion they were not going to be ready before all of our warmer weather had passed. A number of you might remember my quest for feedback regarding 👆 above or 👇 below the ankle. (Thank you to everyone who took a moment to respond!). Your feedback was very helpful in making the decision to add a quarter length to our amazing merino sock collection.
It is now time to introduce the Yank Performance Quarter Socks! These beauties have been designed to match all of the amazing merino sock goodness which can be found in our Performance Ankle Socks: right/left specific, fitted arch, padded heel and toe, padded achilles, breathable mesh knitting, seamless toe for comfort, mismatched as a pair. Made right here in New Zealand using New Zealand origin merino fibres, with a finishing height landing approximately 7cm above the ankle bone (size Medium).

Arrival time for the Performance Quarter Socks could not have been better. The set of samples which I have been wearing for the past few weeks have started taking the place of my beloved ankle socks as the temperatures outside have dipped. What seems like a very natural progression between seasons.
This set comes in three sizes and three colour ways. Each of these colour ways having a complimentary colour pallet found in the collections which are currently available. 😉


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