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The Intepid Rock Star has landed. - Yank NZ

The Intepid Rock Star has landed.

Those of you who have been following Yank for the past couple of months will already be familiar with the words >> Sometimes... everybody needs to let their inner Rock Star out for a shout! This collection however is switching it down a level and warming the tones... embracing a strong palette of earthy hues.. I present to you the Intrepid Rock Star.

Because, what would life be without a bit of fearless adventure??

To be honest it took a bit of time to land a name for this particular collection of colours. The print was originally drawn way back in July, 2018. (I am so pleased that all of my digital files automatically preserve their creation date.)

2018... life was a little bit less complicated.

The Covid Pandemic was yet to be discovered.. and the political election years far enough away that the nations leaders were simply background noise to all else that was buzzing away in our lives. Yank was still just an idea...

For the record, there really is no intention of patriotic expression with this print. This print is specifically focused on my fixation with colours... colour relationships.. and my love for hard lined geometric designs. Though, it does unfortunately cause me to ponder on all of my studies at university regarding Colour Theory.. and the relationships between colours as our world continues to turn.

It was actually during the time that I was finalizing how the intended Rock Star collections would come together that huge civil unrest started to uproar in the United States. (...irony in the word United). Many designers in the US started publishing variations of the nations flag with multiple colours representing the many cultures of inclusion. At first I was a bit gutted that all of my behind the scenes fettering away could potentially be perceived as an added response. But thinking about it again.. it actually presented a place to share a perspective and a few words.

Looking back 2019 was a year for 'eyes wide open' with the devastation trailing the mass shootings in Christchurch. Just over 2 months later a man in the US lost his life unnecessarily. The world heaved a sigh of unrest as communities came together to embrace the afflicted, and to protest the misplaced value on human life.

The New Zealand Mental Health Association have been running a very eye opening campaign highlighting the experiences of minority cultures living here in New Zealand. Potentially awareness of this being heightened from the events of 2019. Definitely worth having a look if you are not yet familiar with the work they currently are doing.

The few words that I have to share are directly related to the colours and hues that cover every aspect of our world. Just the colours - not their contents. You see, by definition colour is technically the property possessed by an object with which it produces different sensations on the eye a result of the way it reflects or emits light. There would not be the time for you to read all of the finer details behind colours and how they are comprised should I choose to parp on. So I will try to keep this small.

Correct me if I am wrong... but we all at one time or another have marveled at the rainbows that we find banding across the sky on either side of a storm. Rainbows comprising a full spectrum of colour. Light reflecting back and tickling our eyes in so many different ways. Each individual colour providing a different experience to the next creating variety. Better yet ..diversity.

Diversity in colours is what gives us green grass and blue skies... red apples and yellow sunflowers. Diversity in colour is what creates excitement in our eyes. Joining together colours that clash and compliment each other through a series of shapes or brush strokes is the basis for creating beautiful artwork. It is the tension between two colours that make our eyes move. It is the relationship between colours that cause our eyes to bring feelings and emotions to our hearts and minds. Some colours draw us near. Some colours push us away. Some colour warm us up.... while others cool us down. ..all of this perceived from how our eyes sense and respond to the light coming back at them.

Imagine our world sans the full spectrum of colours..


Then consider living in a world without diversity.

We all have a gift to bring to this table which we call life. It would be a pretty dull place if we were all the same. We all have an inner Rock Star... we all have experiences to share.

As for the name 'Intrepid' Rock Star... by definition the word intrepid means 'fearless; adventurous'. This colour palette was the first to be assembled on my drawing board when planning the collection. A small number of you will remember my social posts looking for a response. In the end the Pink Candy was printed first having listened to what each message I received had to say. Thank you to everyone who took the time to get in touch or leave comments. I love the Pinks.. they really are happy! The Intrepid colour palette was a greater risk comprising strong shades that could potentially not work at a large scale... but looking at all of the colours together totally rocked my world. I would like to say it was 'fearless' when committing the print to fabric but my words would be a little bit shy of the truth... though without fail 'adventurous' definitely applies!

If you have read this far... thank you for your time.

I do hope you all have a fabulous week.

Happy Adventures! 



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