✨NEW COLOURS✨ Performance Ankle Socks – Yank NZ
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✨NEW COLOURS✨ Performance Ankle Socks - Yank NZ

✨NEW COLOURS✨ Performance Ankle Socks

The original Mismatched Performance Ankles were so popular, we have 'gone and done it again'!
There are now 3 more colour combinations to choose from. Ideal to wear in their own mismatched pairs.. or you can collect them all to maximize on the all of the 'mix n mingle' options you can muster.
You can read our First Impressions Review that was published regarding the original mixed stripe set in September 2021. The Performance Ankle Socks were a definite go to for the entire summer season.
Please note the original Mismatched Stripe set is limited in numbers and will not be restocked. Size small has sold out.. and size Large is low in stock.


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