Crew Socks!

In September last year I decided it was time to ask a few questions and see if it was possible to have a few socks made that would not only align with the aesthetics of Yank... but also the materials being used and location of manufacturing.

Words will fail to express just how excited I am to finally be introducing these beauties.

NuYarn Merino yarn, made using New Zealand origin merino fibres... knitted (right here in New Zealand) into some of the softest socks I have ever worn.

Now it is possible to get into some matchy-matchy goodness. [insert happy dance here!]

These beauties are going live on my website ready for pre-sales.

I am expecting to have all orders ready to send out by the end of next week (25/6/21).

I do hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Happy Adventures! 🌸


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