Colours and Socks ✨UPDATE✨ – Yank NZ
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Colours and Socks ✨UPDATE✨ - Yank NZ

Colours and Socks ✨UPDATE✨

Hands up 👋 everyone who thinks Autumn is the best season of the year?? Being located in Nelson, I can report that we have had incredibly warm settled sunny weather while the changing leaves have started to carpet the local trails.
For me personally Autumn has always been the season that taunts my senses and takes my mind back to the Midwest of America where I grew up. Smelling the dried leaves as they crunch under foot.. and watching shadows dance on the walls of my home as the sun lowers its path across the sky.  Have a google search for Indiana Autumn if you would like to see 'fall' in the midwest. 🧡🍁🍂 
Those of you who have been following along on Instagram or Facebook will have seen the next colour samples which have been done for the Spot collection. I am excited to let you know the fabric has now been printed, and it is time to start laying up fabrics for cutting and sewing to commence.
The latest addition to the Spots is now in need of a name!! I have a couple names in mind... if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line!
In other news>> I have had a few emails regarding the sold out sizes in the Seabreeze Collection. 👇

Good New!! There is more stock being made! Every size and variant will be restocked in the coming weeks. The sizes which have sold out will be priority to finish before the new colour way is assembled.

The latest update for socks>> The Performance Quarter Socks are being knitted! I am expecting them to be finished before the end of the month. Over the past few weeks I have really enjoyed wearing the samples of these beauties. They are an ideal height for the cooler mornings, not to mention the reduced collection of trail pebbles.
At this stage I am pleased to be able to say things are still ticking along behind the scenes here at Yank HQ. Covid is still working its' magic on all aspects of manufacturing in 2022. I can easily compare it to running up really steep loose scree! Progress is being made, all be it slowly.
The month of April managed to slide by without an update being sent out. Having two long weekends in a row has been glorious, but not so great for productivity! 😬
This is possibly a bit choppy to read. I really wanted to get an update sent out as I clear the piles of jobs which have been collecting on my desk in the past couple of weeks. I hope this finds all of you well and enjoying the weather. ☀️🍁🍂

Happy Adventures! 🙂



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