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Classics Clearance - Yank NZ

Classics Clearance


These beauties are where it all started. The very first collection to be made.

Hard to believe how quickly the time has gone!

From the very beginning my plan has always been to create original full colour prints and apply them directly to merino. After spending many months on the phone... and many late nights sitting at my computer sending messages all around. I finally managed to score my first 200 metres of fabric that I would finally be able to apply full colour (this would later become my Spring Print Collection.)

I had only one shot at it... so I needed to have a solid plan in place.

Which brings me to the Yank Original Classics.

The Classics blazed the trail and helped me get all of my ducks in a row while setting up to pursue my full-colour-printing dream. Coordinating the production of the Classics taught me a new language - and several new skill sets - as I turned my first ideas from drawings into beautifully made complete garments.

Coming up quickly to the 2nd anniversary Spring Print Collection has long sold out, and 4 collections later I find myself needing to make a bit of space for the next 2 collections to come.

The Classics are now on Clearance!

There are fewer than 10 remaining in each style/size.. a couple of sizes have sold out

Have a look online grab yourself a deal.


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