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Camping with Merino - Yank NZ

Camping with Merino

In the past few weeks I have had conversations with friends regarding the ease of care for merino.. so I thought it was only appropriate to write down a couple of things that have made caring for my merino garments much easier when away camping in our caravan. 

Before our last long trip away last year I phoned the Christchurch based company, Ethique... and asked if they had any soap bars that would be appropriate to use on merino. I was rather excited when she told me about their soap bar named...

 ‘Flash’ - ahhh ahhh saviour of the universe!!! [queue the QUEEN vocals].

After my phone call I read their many reviews which exclaimed this soap bar’s magical ability to remove stains and ease of use. So I ordered 2 - one for the caravan, one for home. 

The ‘Flash’ has proven itself very worthy to have around. 
This soap is natural, concentrated, and to be honest one of the most delicious bars of soap I have used. I love using it to wash my hands when in the kitchen. It leaves my forever dry knuckles feeling slightly softer and not so destined to crack. 
But more on point, it makes caring for my merino very easy when away camping in our caravan. My Yank Merino shirts are super ideal for camping, managing to go several days (even weeks) without needing the stink exorcised from them. I usually pack so I have a layer to wear, and a layer to ‘air’, this helps to prolong their freshness.
When it comes time that a wash is necessary, I wet the areas of fabric needing attention (underarms or any stains) give them a gentle rub with ‘Flash’ then immerse the garment in a sink full of cold water. Squish. Rinse. Repeat until satisfied with the state of clean. 
Then to be honest I felt like a right clever clogs the day I packed my salad spinner from the kitchen. BOOM! Instant spin cycle at the pull of a string. No need to stress the fabric ringing it out or stretching it in a towel. A few rounds in the salad spinner tipping out the water in between, and the job is as good as done.


Are there any little tricks that you find make maintaining your garments easier at home or on the road? How do you care for your Merino?

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As always, we love to hear from you. 

May you have a fabulous finish to your week and an enjoyable weekend.

Happy Adventures! 



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