New Zealand is renowned for big ideas. Ideas that send ripples around the globe. As far as ripples go, NUYARN® technology is a pretty big one. Enhancing the raw materials you already use, NUYARN® takes the twist out, and instead lays the fibres along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn. Taking your best and making it better.
Producing yarns with a different structure to conventional ring-spun yarns.
Merino fabric made better from the inside out.

NUYARN® has been put to the test, and the science stacks up. 

Improved performance across the board you can feel.



 Performance withouth the weight.


Thanks to its unique open structure, Nuyarn technology produces incredibly lightweight fabrics that behave like heavier ones. This means light garments can still offer high performance strength, comfort and warmth.



35% Loftier.

Conventional ring-spun garments can often be abrasive and scratchy against the skin, caused by protruding fibre ends. But Nuyarn’s unique spinning method creates a completely twist-free yarn, which significantly improves next-to-skin comfort.



35% Warmer.

Nuyarn’s lofty open structure helps to keep air trapped within fabric. Unlike traditional twisting methods, this creates insulating pockets that supply warmth without the weight of a heavy garment, and makes it a perfect fit for performance apparel where temperature regulation is required in hot or cold climates.


120% Tougher Seams.

Even the lightest Nuyarn fabrics have strong durability in both directions, meaning that seams remain tough. This is thanks to Nuyarn’s spinning method, not a chemical treatment, so garments continue will perform at their best even after many uses and washes.



 By improving the wick/dry characteristics of  a  sustainable natural fiber such as merino, Nuyarn technology has created a super merino active performance fabric.


Nuyarn is dry and breathable, with the ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Its quick-drying properties mean that Nuyarn garments are able to stay fresher for longer and remain comfortable during any kind of activity.

Not to mention reducing the amount of time required for a garment to be laundered while not in the conventional comforts of ones home.



More stretch and regain.

By drafting around a high performance nylon core, Nuyarn Merino provides unparalleled stretch and regain. By reducing the twist while making the yarn, garments don’t lose their shape over time and adjust to the body for a perfect fit.



47% Stronger.
Nuyarn technology significantly improves the strength of any fabric, in particular increasing its burst strength so it is more resistant to abrasion, holes and damage. This durability means that Nuyarn products are incredibly high performing and suitable for all conditions, from casual wear to intense outdoor pursuits.