Fern is the new Black! We bring you the NZ Flora Moss Trace Long Sleeve. Simple and smooth with a POP of colour.. all the while ramping up the practicality featuring a beautifuly light soft black body.


Super light 125/130gsm merino is comparable to wearing ...not much at all.


This is the versatile workhorse.... or even just your favorite really nice shirt that you can wear and wear and wear for days on end without needing to put it through the wash.


Travel the world. Commute to work. Collect summits. Bike-pack a gravel ultra. Hit the pub or the coffee shops with your mates. You name it, this shirt has got you covered. Awesome merino - ready for any adventure.


Men's Long Sleeve Merino Shirt | Flora Moss

    • 125/130gsm  NuYarn Merino
    • 85% Merino  15% Nylon
    • Spandex-free Stretch
    • Moisture wicking - Quick drying
    • Longer fit than standard T-shirt
    • Flat lock seams stretch and lie flat against the skin 
    • Straight back hem
    • Stink resistant
  • Boasting all of the benefits of merino wool: thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, odor-stopping, and so forth, this is the versatility of wool on display.. made even better with the use of NUYARN® nylon-core merino thread technology. Just in case you have not yet read about it, NUYARN® merino has 35% more loft and stretch giving you an ultra soft touch against your skin, and no restriction of movement. All of which totally redefines comfort. It is almost impossible to believe that this fabric has also tested to be up to 50% stronger and 5 times faster drying than your other conventional merino.


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